e-Learning Induction



What type of organisations can use the InItMedia e-Learning Induction System?

Any organisation that conducts inductions. The InItMedia e–Learning Induction System is suited to you if you are:

  • An RTO that develops induction course for customers,
  • A company that develops your own induction material,
  • Any size organisation that conducts inductions for visitors, demonstrator, contracts or employees.


What does the InItMedia e-Learning Induction System do?

The InItMedia e–Learning Induction System is a standalone, CD or online system that allows organisations to conduct inductions, such as:

  • Pre-site access induction for visitors and contractor - Can be inducted before arrival at site by on-line induction course
  • Renewing induction for those individuals that have been inducted previous to the site
  • New employee induction
  • Task, site or job specific inductions


How do I get the InItMedia e-Learning Induction System?

There are only a few simple steps to start using the InItMedia e–Learning Induction System:

  • Contact us and one of our account executives will contact you about the specific features and services you wish to you.
  • Supply us your company branding details so we can configure the induction content for you in your company’s corporate branding.
  • Enter your induction content for us to package into the induction deployment files.