e-Learning Induction


Why induction visitors, contractors and new employees

Induction training is vital for visitors, contractors and new employees when they enter your facility. This is especially important in the food production environment where food safety and individual safety are key company risk factors. Your company's reputation could be damaged or destroyed by the careless action of an individual that has not been through a suitable induction process and been made aware of their responsibilities when on site.


Induction information is generally given, with minimal interaction, yet with the expectation that the all the key information will be retained. If there's no interaction or engagement of the inductees there's an almost certain guarantee that most of the information will be lost.

Initmedia DEMO Visitor Induction

Obligation to provide training

The induction process is a combination of suitable induction content (relevant for the individual task on site and associated risks) as well as delivery and measurement of the inductees comprehension.

The use of InIMedia's electronic interactive delivery and measurement of comprehension (quiz and assessments) tools, using suitable relevant content can meet the company's Workplace Health and Safety as well as food safety obligations.


Induction terminal

Record of training

The InIMedia's electronic interactive creates a record of induction training as well as printing out inductee training responsibly acceptance form for the inductee to sign. This signed copy is often held by the company as the official record. The electronic record is held as a quick check of those that have or have not completed inductions.


Pre-visit Induction for visitors and contractors

Before they arrive on site visitors and contractors can complete an internet based induction. At the completion of the induction a record is sent to the company and the inductee must print a training responsibly acceptance form for the induction that must be signed and handed over at arrival on site.


The benefits of interactive eLearning Induction training programs include:

  • Anytime, anywhere learning - when the visitor, contractor or employee is ready to learn.
  • Build their knowledge rapidly of the their responsibilities and roles.
  • Meet safety compliance issues.
  • Meet food safety requirements.
  • Allow for more effective resource allocation.
  • Reduce induction costs.
  • Provide a range of induction to suit the inductee, eg visitor, contractor, employee.
  • Detailed tracking, assessment and reporting for record keeping.
  • Real-time feedback to the inductees to assist with their learning.
  • Quiz and assessment tools to measure the inductees level of understanding.


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