e-Learning Induction


The InItMedia e–Learning Induction System comprises 2 components:

  • The InItMedia e–Learning Induction program files (runs as Standalone, CD and On-line)
  • Induction course menus, induction content and company branding (logos, colours, styles, etc)


Our pricing model is very simple.


There is a once off cost for each induction package prepared for you, the client. You can then make as many copies and deploy as many times as is required.


The once off cost is based on the amount of time required to package the company branding files, menus and induction content in to the finished induction training package.


Once issued to you, the client, you can make any updates or amendments to the content by editing the content XML files.

Contact us to provide a quote for your specific induction package requirements.


Touch Screen Induction Station - Special Pricing

We have a number of touch screen induction stations available at a special price. These touch screen induction station are ideal for gate house applications where visitors and contractor must complete an induction before entering the site.

They are available at the special price of $2999.00 inclusive of GST, this includes:

  • 17inch LCD touch screen display
  • Business level computer (Intel Core 2 Duo E7500, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Gigabit LAN, Windows XP Professional)
  • 600mm (h) x 480mm (w) x 380mm (d) lockable 1.2mm steel house powered coated bright blue.
  • InItMedia e–Learning Induction program with demo induction content.


The touch screen induction stations are highly visible blue and made out of lockable 1.2 mm steel housing. They are not weather proof but are ideal for placement under leaves and away from fully sunlight.

Induction terminal